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Poznań is a city in west-central Poland with over 567,882 inhabitants (2006). Located by the Warta River, it is one of the oldest cities in Poland, making it an important historical centre and a vibrant centre of trade, industry, and education. Poznań is Poland's fifth largest city and fourth biggest industrial centre. It is also the administrative capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Poznań's impressive cathedral is the oldest in the country, containing the tombs of the first Polish rulers: Duke Mieszko I, King Boleslaus the Brave, King Mieszko II, Duke Casimir I the Restorer, Duke Przemysł I, and King Przemysł II.

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Poznań City Hall

The Poznań City Hall is a structure in Poznań that was used as the city's administration building until 1939. The Hall faces east towards the Wart River. Its characteristic loggia is ornately decorated.  Poznań's Town Hall (Ratusz) was first documented in Latin in 1310 as Domus Consulum. The building was completed in 1300 during the reign of Wacław II Czeski. It was a one-storey building built upon a raised quadrangle. The cellars remain from this period of construction. Renovations were made in the 15th century. The interior was remodeled between 1504-1508.


 World Trade Centre in Poznań

Poznań International Fair (PIF, Polish: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, MTP) is an international trade fair in Poznań, Poland. It is the oldest trade fair in Poland, with the first one taking place in 1921. It is the 21st largest fair in the world, and recently it had the area of 150,000 m².  Today the PIF is the largest trade fair organizer in Poland (by over 50% of total exhibition area and over 60% of exhibitors). It is the 21st largest fair in the world, with about 50 trade events taking place on its area every year. Area of PIF is over 110,000 m² indoor and 35,000 m² outdoor exhibition space. PIF a is state-owned company - 60% of shares belong to Polish State Treasury, and 40% to the City of Poznań.

New Old Brewery

The implementation of the Stary Browar investment was the result of the revitalisation of the former Hugger Brothers' Brewery, an estate over one hundred years old, the beginnings of which date back to 1844 when Amrosius Hugger, a brewer from Wirtembergia in Germany, settled in Poznań.  Approximately 0.5 million people live within a 10-minute drive of Stary Browar. Adjacent to Stary Browar is Półwiejska Street, one of the most popular shopping arteries of Poznań, and one that leads to the picturesque Old Town Square, a favourite among both Poznanians and tourists alike. Stary Browar also borders the new and prestigious business district, with its class A office buildings, while also being in close proximity to Multikino, the second largest multiplex cinema in Poznań. The record number of shoppers to visit Stary Browar in one day was in excess of 55,000. The average daily number of shoppers visiting Stary Browar is 27,000.

Lake Malta (ski slope, ice rink, zoological garden)

Lake Malta is an artificial lake in Poznań, Poland. It was formed in 1952 as a result of the damming of the Cybina River. It is about 2.2 km long, what makes the lake the biggest man-made lake of the city. The water is 3.1 m deep on average with a maximum about 5 m. There are a number of recreational attrations along the edge of the lake including: an artificial ski slope, an artificial ice rink, a zoological garden,  Kolejka Parkowa Maltanka - a narrow gauge railway.  The lake also has one the oldest man-made rowing venues in Europe - The Malta Regatta Course. This dates back to 1952 and has held a number of Rowing World Cup events.   

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