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Wroclaw is the capital of the historical region of Lower Silesia in southwestern Poland, situated on the Oder River. It is the principal city of the Lower Silesia region and the administrative seat of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship (since 1999), previously of Wrocław Voivodeship. The city is also a separate urban gmina and city county, as well as being the seat of Wrocław County (which surrounds but does not include the city). According to official population figures for 2006, its population is 635,280, making it the fourth largest city in Poland. After Warsaw, Wrocław is considered to be the second largest financial center in Poland.

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The Wrocław Market Square

It is one of the largest and most beautiful ones in Europe. This continually redecorated and beautiful location is a popular choice for strolls and socializing. Some favourite meeting places of Wrocławians include a monument of the Polish writer of comedies Aleksander Fredro, which has been moved here from Lvov, and the whipping post commemorating penalties which used to be administered to defiant town dwellers. Here you can admire the colourful tenement houses full of interesting architectural details, sit in one of the numerous cafes, or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Still, the biggest attraction of the Market Square is its gothic Townhall, dating back to the end of the 11th century. Its eastern façade, with its 200-year-old clock, has been incorporated in the Wrocław logo and is the showcase of city.


 Ostrów Tumski "Cathedral Island"

Ostrów Tumski "Cathedral Island" is the oldest part of Wrocław. Built on what used to be an island, it was an early crossing point on the Oder River. Archaeological excavations have shown that the area was first inhabited on the west, between the Church of St. Martin and the Holy Cross. The first, wooden church (St. Martin), dating from the IX century, was surrounded by a couple of defensive walls before the river. There were approximately 1500 inhabitants in Ostrów Tumski at that time. In 1315 Ostrów Tumski was sold to the church authorities. The whole island ceased to be under secular jurisdiction, which was often used by those who broke the law in Wrocław. An interesting indication of the special status of the island was a ban to wear anything on the head already on Tumski Bridge after the border pole of this small "Church nation".

Racławice Panorama

The Racławice Panorama (Polish: Panorama Racławicka) is a monumental (15 × 120 meter) panoramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice, during the Kościuszko Uprising. It is currently located in Wrocław, Poland. The painting is one of only a few preserved relics of a genre of 19th century mass culture, and the oldest in Poland. The panorama stands in a circular fashion and, with the viewer in the center, presents different scenes at various viewing angles. A special kind of perspective used in the painting and additional effects (lighting, artificial terrain) create a feeling of reality.

Hala Ludowa "Centennial Hall"

The Centennial Hall is a historic building in Wrocław, Poland, built according to the plans of Max Berg. The hall was built in 1911–1913 in the previous horse racing area, during preparations for an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. The cupola was made of reinforced concrete and with an inner diameter of 69 m and 42 m high; it was the largest building of its kind at the time of construction. The building is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006. 

St. Elisabeth's Church

St. Elizabeth's Church (Kościół św. Elżbiety) was 130 meter high when built. The gothic structure dates back to the 14th century when building was assigned by the city of Breslau. It was destroyed by a heavy hail in 1529 and suffered damage by fire in 1976. During this unfortunate event, the church's renowned organs went up in flames. Its main tower is now only 91 meters high.

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